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Tiepolo drawing


Code: 10068

DOMENICO TIEPOLO                     Venice 1727 – 1804 Venice

Apollo and a Satyress.

Drawing in pen and brown and gray ink with brown and gray washes. Signed by the artist lower right.

The eldest son of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Domenico was both his father’s principal collaborator and an independent artist. He acted in these dual roles from 1750 until his father’s death in 1770. It is fair to say that while his father was the great exponent of a Venetian post-Baroque style of almost Olympian grandeur – in which Domenico worked alongside his father –on his own Domenico worked in a more restrained, personal, and perhaps, one might say, vernacular style. While Giambattista rarely made images in any medium that did not take up mighty themes of a timeless character, Domenico made works that explored the activities of daily life, even adapting mythological themes in this direction.  Domenico's most admired subjects are his drawings of satyrs and satyresses. These drawings show these mythological creatures in amorous adventures and family activities.

Domenico's style has more weight and mass than Giambattista’s comparable figures, and the linear character is broader and less fluent. Unlike his father's drawings, the figures relate to each other in a more directly personal manner. These details are made all the more immediate by Domenico's brilliant washes, in our drawing particularly fresh and vivid, freely applied to the linear contours.

192 x 275 mm    7 9/16 x 10 13/16 inches